Memory Garden Protocol

The ashes of loved ones may be scattered in the garden at any time and may be accomplished in any way by which the family and participants feel comfortable.  One person may be selected to empty the container, or it may be passed to each family member or participant.  Participants should be aware of the wind direction as some of the ashes will be blown from the container and some of the ashes will fall to the ground. It is best to scatter ashes into the flowers and tall grasses while bending down and facing away from the wind.  Ashes should not be scattered on the walkways or under the sculpture.  Please do not dig a trench or a depression for the ashes.  The Memory Garden is not an appropriate location for the ashes of pets.

Loved ones placed within the Memory Garden may be identified on a plaque located within the garden.  The plaque will be provided by WACF upon receipt of a WACF “Memory Garden” Registration Form and a voluntary donation.  The Registration Form will be available on the Education Center porch or use the link below.

Memory Garden Donation Form

Please feel free to visit the Memory Garden with your family and friends both before and after a loved one has been placed in the garden.

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