Board of Directors

The WACF board consists of volunteer community members that serve a three-year term with a maximum of three consecutive terms.  In addition, the board is assisted by an Executive Director, Development Officer and Land Management Officer.


Front row: Beth Morris, Pam Schumm, Judy Shoemaker (Development Officer), Jane Finch, Joan Szynal (Chairman), Sherry Swank, Heather Harwood (Executive Director). Jeff Herdrich (Land Management Officer)
Back row: Larry Baumgardt, Bart Culver, Bill Couch, Russell Anderson, David Brandes, Sam Leman, Donn Baird (Treasurer), Jay Jorgensen, Ron Baumgartner, Bill Herdrich, Dan Berkey, Doug Yoder (Vice Chairman), Chris Roberts, Bill Hess
Directors not in photo: Bob Fanning, Terry Clapacs and Catherine Hoffman

Chairman Doug Yoder

Executive Director Heather Harwood

Officers and Directors for 2019

Doug Yoder – Chairman
Chris Roberts – Vice Chairman
Heather Harwood – Executive Director
Donn Baird – Treasurer
Judy Shoemaker – Development Officer
Jeff Herdrich – Land Management Officer

Russell Anderson
Larry Baumgardt
Ronald Baumgartner
Daniel Berkey
Bart Culver
Robert Fanning

Jane Finch
William Herdrich
William Hess
Catherine Hoffman
Jay Jorgensen

Bill McCully
Shannon McNett-Silcox
Beth Morris
Chris Roberts
Pam Schumm
Tom Yoder

Directors Emeritus

Since 1991, the WACF has been honored to have many of the most dedicated and enthusiastic members of the Syracuse-Wawasee community serve as WACF board members.  The organization would not be where it is today without the service of those listed below.

Helen Alfrey
James K. Allerdice
David Brandes
Cynthia Brumbaugh
Jim Brumbaugh
Al Campbell
Jack Carr
Anita Cast
Diana Castell
Bill Couch
David Culp
Irwin Deister, Jr.
Bill Dixon
Gus Duehmig
David Eckrich
Deborah Flanagan Tobias
Sherman Goldenberg

Douglas Grant
Richard Green
Jan Hackleman
John Holdeman
Tom Hughes
Needham Hurst
Harriett Inskeep
William P. Johnson
Max Kendall
Betty Knapp
Robert Knudsen
Tina Kocher
Rebecca Kubacki
Sam Leman
Eli (Ted) Lilly
Vance Lopp
William McNagny

Gordon Moore
Robert F. Myers
John Naab
Nancy Pickett
Bing Pratt
Jerry Riffle
Betsy Roby
Edwin F. Rogers
Ian Rolland
Dick Ruddell
Dean Schwalm
Nick Stanger
Sherry Swank
Holly Tuttle
Howdy Wilcox
Jane T. Wilson
Tom Yoder