Expanding Education

education02Because so many threats can be traced to human actions, education plays a significant role in improving and maintaining the future quality of our precious lakes. Education of watershed residents and lake users can have the most significant impact on the present and future water quality throughout the watershed – this education is a primary focus of WACF.

education01Lake Talks and Eats

The first Saturday of June, July and August special programs are held at the WACF education center (State Road 13,3 miles south of Syracuse 11586 N SR 13) from 9-11am. Programs vary each year with interesting information shared about caring for the water we enjoy every summer. See the calendar on this page for more information or send an email to Heather Harwood info@wacf.com.

Canoe trip

It is surprising that a canoe trip can change how you look at the lakes in our watershed. But WACF volunteers Dan Berkey, Al Campbell and Doug Yoder can help you to see a side of the water and lakes you could not see otherwise. By being on the lakes of the watershed you see our water from a completely different perspective.

It is first class wetlands education. Canoeing you will see the spring fed lakes and wetlands that help provide us with good water. You will see varying flora and fauna and miles of shoreline protected by WACF…. Each trip is different. The guides and canoes take you on an unforgettable trip on Fridays through the summer. These trips start at 7:30 am and are over about noon.

Al Campbell coordinates the scheduling, which is done primarily by cellphone and emails. Al’s cell is 513-543-6997, email is aldotcam@gmail.com, or contact Dan Berkey 303-913-2921, Doug Yoder, Heather Harwood (info@wacf.com). Advance planning is advised. In addition to the WACF canoes, some people bring their own kayaks/canoes. Cost is $5 per person to cover equipment costs. Cheap entertainment for sure – but an education you won’t forget! Our ongoing efforts to care for the watershed are making a difference; you can see it while in the canoes!

Get involved to protect your Watershed

Volunteer opportunities – email Heather Harwood for more information at info@wacf.com

  • Skilled Carpentry
  • Photography
  • Phone callers
  • Help beautify
  • Trail workers
  • Invasive species work

Make your own property lake friendly!

  • Follow conservation groups through social media
  • Donate or raise funds for WACF
  • Report water violations or environmental crimes
  • Be a clean boater
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Volunteer of the Month

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