Protecting Our Watershed

The Wawasee Area Conservancy Foundation (WACF) is a local public not-for-profit foundation dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the Wawasee area watershed for present and future generations.


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Wawasee Watershed WACF Properties

The Wawasee Watershed covers 23,618 acres including Wawasee, Syracuse, Bonar and Papakeechie lakes as well as ten lakes in the upper Turkey Creek sub watershed. The Foundation was formed in 1991 to anticipate, search out, and solve threats to the Wawasee Area Watershed and to its water quality. The Foundation is dedicated to enhancement of the watershed and works hand-in-hand with property owner groups, the State Department of Natural Resources and other governmental and civic organizations that share its concerns. The Foundation was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) corporation, thus enabling it to provide tax advantages for gifts and grants. Click here to make a donation.


Lake Wawasee

Formed during the last ice age 15,000 years ago, Indiana’s largest natural freshwater lake, Lake Wawasee, has a rich history.  It’s clear, pristine waters first attracted Native American and early colonial settlers – serving as a prime location for fishing and farming.   Though there has been obvious significant development of the land surrounding the lake the last 50 years, the changes to Lake Wawasee itself are more subtle, less apparent.  The quality of the Lake’s water is not what it was even 30 years ago. It is easy to take our lakes for granted.  They have existed as long as we can remember, so it is natural to believe they will last forever.  But our lakes are fragile, and without proper care they can become polluted and unpleasant for recreation, fishing, and general use.  We play a significant role in their evolution.  The fertilizers we use on our lawns and some boating activity can have long-lasting, damaging effects on water quality. Ensuring that Lake Wawasee and its surrounding watershed remain a treasure and a legacy for generations to come requires a commitment to active water quality management by this generation. The Wawasee Area Conservancy Foundation’s (WACF’s) dedicated staff and volunteers work diligently to ensure that Lake Wawasee and the lakes in its watershed remain clean and healthy.  WACF is actively addressing threats to Lake Wawasee and monitoring the land and water in the Wawasee Area Watershed to ensure that Lake Wawasee remains a healthy and balanced lake and that its water is clear and safe for future generations. project1 project2