Strategic Plan September 7th, 2007

Strategic Plan
September 7, 2001

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Prepared for WACF
Jennifer Kwasny

Wawasee Area Conservancy Foundation
Strategic Plan

Table of Contents Page

1. Overall structure of the strategic plan_____________________________3

2. Strengths of the Wawasee Area Watershed _________________________5

3. Threats to conservation of the Wawasee Area Watershed  _______________5

4. Organizational planning recommendations – Planning Committee_________7

5. Tables with goals and action lists for each fundamental objective __________7

Appendix: fundamental objective and detailed objective background  ________18

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1. Overall structure of the strategic plan

The mission of the Wawasee Area Conservancy Foundation, approved on September 27, 1992 states: “The Wawasee Area Conservancy Foundation is a local public foundation dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the Wawasee Area Watershed for present and future uses”. In addition, the Goals and Action Plan Statement reads:

The geographical area covered by WACF’s mission statement is the watershed area for lakes Bonar, Papkeechie, Wawasee and Syracuse. The common denominator for all of them is water quality. WACF is, therefore, concerned with the factors which influence and affect water quality. In addition, this lakes area is a livable pleasant environment, with a high aesthetic value, and WACF will be involved with the factors which affect this environment.

The Foundation was formed to sense, search out and solve threats to this environment and to its water quality. It is intended to be an activist group, carrying out the mapping and testing studies which look for problems and which can take the necessary steps for their solution. This can mean conservancy easements or property acquisition or educational programs or tree plantings, as examples.

To accomplish these aims, WACF will develop a plan for financing this work, using a combination of techniques, again as examples memberships, donations, grants, sponsorships and fundraisers.

To integrate and encourage communication on these goals, WACF will be establishing networks and liaisons with other organizations, creating a climate which encourages citizens to voice their interest and support to this work while minimizing unnecessary duplications.

These, and other goals and objectives to be developed, will emerge as WACF moves forward.

The four elements of WACF’s mission, or factors that effect water quality that must be addressed are: 1. Wetlands conservation, 2. Wise management of Agriculture, 3. Community commitment to controlled development and water use, 4. Preservation of water quality of the lakes

The four fundamental objectives of WACF, designed to address these issues are: 1. Land Acquisition and Management, 2. Ecological Advocacy and Action, 3. Education, 4. Development. Each of these fundamental objectives can be accomplished by a number of detailed objectives. The overall structure of the strategic plan is pictured on the following page.

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For the health and safety of everyone, the WACF Board of Directors has cancelled the public meeting of the WACF *ANNUAL LAKE CELEBRATION & BRUNCH, *scheduled for Saturday, July 25th, 10:30 AM at the WACF Education Center.
In its place, the Board of Directors will attend the WACF ANNUAL MEETING, on Saturday, July 25, in-person, and socially-distanced, at the Ruddell Pavilion and the Jorgensen Amphitheater at the WACF Center. Board members and staff may also attend remotely.
The agenda for the Annual Meeting will include: a presentation by Dr. Jerry Sweeten, Ecosystems Connections Institute, on initial research and findings from the first year of the Wawasee Inlets Nutrient Study (WINS), the WACF Cattail Awards, recognizing exceptional commitment to the
enhancement of water quality in the Wawasee Area Watershed, and a salute to WACF volunteers.
Highlights of the Annual Meeting will be made available via remote
live-streaming or on the WACF YouTube Channel. Details on internet access of the meeting will be posted on and WACF Facebook page.


Key WACF Acquisition

After a full 20 years of negotiations with the property owner, WACF has acquired what is arguably their most important property. The Turkey Creek Inlet Preserve (across from Runaway Bay) filters the approximately 43% of water flowing into Lake Wawasee. Please take a few minutes to listen to Tom Yoder explain the importance of this property to Lake Wawasee.

New WACF Water Study

WACF is undertaking a new and comprehensive wetland water quality study that will allow us to focus our resources on the most critical hot spots. Read more….