Capital Fund Project

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Fund for Special Projects

New development projects like Oakwood (Conklin Bay) and the Hog farm issue of several years ago are important to the economic growth of the region.  What is good for the region is good for the WACF.  However the new developments on and near the lake must take the health of the Lake into account.  In the Oakwood case the issue was number boat slips.  WACF is concerned that water quality may be adversely affected by potential fuel loading and bottom stirring from the concentrated number of boats.  Give to this fund to assure that WACF can continue to represent the Watershed when needed. Your support of WACF is all about coming together to share in a similar goal of good lake stewardship.

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Fund to Expand Education

Because so many of the threats facing our watershed can be traced to human actions, education plays a significant role in improving and maintaining the future quality of our precious lakes.  WACF’s new education center provides opportunities to further engage the community with the work WACF is doing to protect the watershed.  However, the facility, property, and educational programming are not yet complete.  WACF plans to improve the property by planting native grasses and wildflowers, creating self-guided trails, restoring wetlands, and controlling exotic species already present on the property. Consider giving to this fund to continue to expand the WACF educational funds. To learn more about the WACF educational funds, please read our WACF Education publication.

Fund for various Watershed Projects

Each year, the WACF relies heavily on grants from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Lake and River Enhancement LARE) Section, to fund studies, construction projects, and regular aquatic weed control programs, which are all aimed at insuring clean water today and for future generations.


Watershed Map

In June 2010, the State’s budget crisis caused the DNR to suspend all new LARE grants indefinitely.  For WACF, that means funding for significant projects like construction projects on the properties bordering Dillon Creek are also in jeopardy.  While WACF waits for project funding, a significant amount of sediment continues to be washed into Lake Wawasee every time it rains, and the sediment problem continues to grow. To learn even more about WACF Watershed Project funding, please read our Watershed Projects publication.

Fund for Land Acquisition/Land Protection Fund

The primary mission of WACF is to preserve and enhance water quality in the lakes.  To that end, a long-term goal is to acquire wetlands and endangered areas along the shorelines and along the feeder streams.  The wetlands and adjoining properties that are crucial to the WACF mission were originally mapped and identified in the Commonwealth Engineering Study of 1995.  Those prioritizations are still valid.  Additionally, all acquisitions require the review and concurrence of our independent Ecology Committee.   To date, WACF has completed approximately 50% of the acquisition goal.  Experience has been gained and reasonable projections for completing the task have been made. To learn more about WACF Land Acquisition funding, please read our WACF Land Acquisition publication.


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Wawasee Watershed Endowment Funds/ Forever Funding

To truly ensure the ongoing health and quality of our watershed will require stable ongoing funding.  WACF seeks to continue building an endowment to ensure the maintenance of its existing properties and educational programs.  Currently, WACF’s ongoing operations – including ecology, education, land management, development, and other general expenses total approximately $200,000 each year.  Further building its endowment fund will allow WACF to more quickly react to threats in the watershed, maintain properties following acquisition, and continue monitoring water quality on an ongoing basis. Promoting and building the Endowment Funds of WACF is a continuous mission. To help WACF campaign and spread the word of it’s Endowment Funds, please read and print the Endowment Campaign publication. If you are interested in learning more about the Endowment Funds that are in place at the Kosciusko County Community Foundation, please read our WACF Endowment Funds publication.

For more information or to answer questions about any of these giving options, please contact: 

Heather Harwood
Executive Director

Judy Shoemaker 

Development Officer