Water Quality Summary Report | September 2003

The purpose of the project is to provide a summarization of water quality data collected from eight studies in the Lake Wawasee watershed from the 1970s through current.  The Wawasee Area Conservancy Foundation (WACF) intends to use the summary to understand the water quality trends for distribution to the community.

Download the Study Right Here.

To complete the summary, the studies were analyzed individually and then compared.  The analysis indicated fecal coliform and nutrients are generally the parameters of concern while the Turkey Creek and Dillon Creek outflows are generally the sites of concern.  The overall water quality of Lake Wawasee is good.  Going forward, sampling is recommended at Odgen Island, Conklin Bay, Marineland Gardens, Turkey Creek outflow, Turkey Creek Indian Village, Dillon Creek outflow, South Shore, Kanata Manayunk, and Papakeechie outlet.  Efforts should be made to continue sampling at such sites to develop trends.  Also, parameters such as dissolved oxygen, nitrate, total phosphorus, orthophosphate, and fecal coliform should continue to be sampled.

Download the Study Right Here.

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