Canoe Trips

canoe trip-1

Doug Yoder (left) and Al Campbell (right)

It is surprising that a canoe trip can change how you look at the lakes in our watershed. But WACF volunteers Dan Berkey, Al Campbell and Doug Yoder can help you to see a side of the water and lakes you could not see otherwise. By being on the lakes of the watershed you see our water from a completely different perspective.

It is first class wetlands education. While canoeing you will see the spring fed lakes and wetlands that help provide us with good water. You will see varying flora and fauna and miles of shoreline protected by WACF…. Each trip is different. The guides and canoes take you on an unforgettable trip, Fridays throughout the summer. These trips start at 7:30 am and are over about noon.

Al Campbell coordinates the scheduling, which is done primarily by cellphone and emails. Al’s cell is 513-543-6997, email is, or contact Dan Berkey 303-913-2921, Doug Yoder, Heather Harwood ( Advance planning is advised.


Great family fun!

Cost: $5 per person to cover equipment costs. Cheap entertainment for sure – but an education you won’t forget!

Instructions for Canoe Trip…

In addition to the WACF canoes, some people bring their own kayaks/canoes. Our ongoing efforts to care for the watershed are making a difference; you can see it while in the canoes!

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