Falltastic Trail Walk

WACF TrailIn 2015, the first annual Falltastic Trail Walk was held over a cold October weekend. Approximately 100 community members participated in the self guided event. The board chose to enhance the typical fall colors tour with educational materials describing what animals, amphibians, trees and other organisms do to prepare for winter. Visitors also learned how the fall and winter seasons contribute to lake quality. Other materials explain how wetlands improve water quality and reduce flooding. Participants could walk the trail at their own pace, sit on a bench, listen to the sounds of nature, or read the informational posters. A crackling fire and refreshments were waiting in the Ruddell Pavilion for those who finished the walk.  The scenic trails at the WACF Center are open to the public year-round at no charge.

Falltasic Trail Walk 2016 was held on Saturday October 15 and/or Sunday October 16 from noon to 3 PM.

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Earth Day 2017

The 2017 WACF Earth Day Festival was a huge success and everyone had a great time!

The Festival will return in 2018!

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New WACF Acquisition

The WACF recently completed a transaction for a key piece of shoreline property on Gordy Lake. This lake is part of the 10-lakes/Turkey Creek chain that supplies an estimated 43% of the water to Lake Wawasee. Controlling and protecting these shorelines insures that the water flowing into Lake Wawasee remains clear and clean.

New Drainage for Thorpe Basin

This Fall the WACF decided to move forward on a much needed new drainage system for the WACF Thorpe Sediment Basin project near the middle school. The basin filters sediment that would otherwise drain into Lake Wawasee. The new system will allow much better drainage when a significant rain event occurs. View complete info on the new design…

Starry Stonewort Update

Comprehensive Starry Stonewort Overview and what is being done to combat the problem invasive plant. This excellent report was prepared for the WACF Ecology Committee by committee member Jerry Riffle.

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