Healthy Shorelines

A More Natural Shoreline Contributes to a Healthy Lake

Morris-1WACF has a vision of restoring and improving our natural shoreline to preserve and enhance our water quality, prevent erosion, and provide healthier and safer habitat for the native creatures and lake life found near our shorelines. Our vision to preserve our lakes and shorelines also includes better lakes for recreational activities such as boating and fishing. Natural shorelines, as opposed to bulkheads or concrete seawalls, reduce erosion near our shorelines and provide calmer water and less wave activity. Natural methods to improve and restore our shorelines include the use of glacial rock, native vegetation, and native species. As you take a look at each option, consider what you can do to help promote natural shorelines.

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The Healthy Shoreline Committee conducted an informal survey of the entire Lake Wawasee shoreline in the Summer of 2014. The purpose of the shoreline survey was to inventory how many properties had existing cement seawalls and/or glacial stone facing, and identify any natural areas and beaches. To see the results of the survey and to take a look at more detailed results from the Healthy Shoreline Committee’s survey, please see our Survey Page.

Landscape waterfront property with native species

Please take a look at our list of contractors, below, for your project. For a printable copy of these contractors, please click here.


Local Glacial Stone Seawall Contractors

Earl Beezley
Beezley Property Maintenance
Phone: (574) 377-6066
Brian Finlinson
Phone: (574)-457-5453.
The Property Company
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 574-527-4225
15504 CR 42 GOSHEN, IN 46528
Phone: (574) 536-5835

Native Plant Nurseries

Local Landscape Architects

Other Resources

Arbor Day Foundation

Has information on appropriate trees for this area and instructions on placing the right tree in the right place. It also has a tree benefit calculator, which can give the homeowner an understanding of the environmental and economic value of a tree on an annual basis.